Urban Area

The urban area of Vinaròs is located between the Cervol river (north) and El Clot beach (south). On the west, it is enclosed by the N340; while on the east, the town borders the sea. The main social, cultural and commercial activities of Vinaròs are developed in the historic town centre. One of the peculiarities of Vinaròs is that its old town is located near the sea, so that the visitor can be in a street with many shops and restaurants, and, a few minutes later, he will be in the seaside promenade of the town. If we walk through the main roads of the old historical centre of the town, Sant Tomás Street, Major Street or Socors Street, we will find the main monuments of Vinaròs: the Church of the Asunción, the market or the Church of San Telmo, now Municipal Auditorium. If we go over the history of the town, it will lead us to the sea, to the seaside promenade and the Mediterranean Sea. The urban layout of the historic centre is easily explored on foot because it is a pedestrian zone, so we recommend you to park in the underground parking set up for this purpose.



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