In Vinaròs, you can taste the most typical products of the region in many restaurants and bars.

In Vinaròs, you can distinguish two different types of products that are complementary. On the one hand, we have the seafood, and on the other hand, farm products. The diversity of the fleet and its specific techniques make it possible to capture many varieties and species of the sea. We can distinguish two different techniques: “El Buey”, used for fishing different types of seafood and fish; and “La Luz”, used for fishing blue fish. The latter is of vital importance for both the harbour and the town. Early in the summer, during the period of the greatest activity of blue fish across the Mediterranean, more than 80 boats from all over the Spanish coast meet in Vinaròs in order to fish without rest the coveted "blue gold". But there are still many small boats fishing in the traditional way, following the most ancient customs and traditions, and using rudimentary nets to bring us the king prawns, lobsters, snails, turbot and other pleasures that the sea of Vinaròs can offer to us.


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