Gastronomy of Vinaròs

The freshness of the products and tradition ally with innovation in the restaurants of Vinaròs. The olive oil seasoning from the region of the Maestrazgo, the quality of the ingredients and their good preparation add a great value to Vinaròs’ culinary tradition. In addition, we should remark the development of a wide and rich variety of traditional pastries, such as "pastissets", which are made of sweet potato and pumpkin; the "llepostins", or tea cakes, which have the form of a king prawn, and are made with orange and almond essence. But without any doubt, the king prawn is the basis of the cuisine of Vinaròs, and it is unique in texture and quality. The delicacy of its flavour is due to the mild climate of Vinaròs and the low salinity of its coastal waters, enriched by sediments of the Ebro Delta River. It has become a high quality product in Spanish haute cuisine, as it is fished employing traditional and respected methods that ensure the ecological balance of the marine reserves. Traditional dishes make up the Vinaròs recipes: "fish stews", "all i pebre" loach and king prawns, "llandetes" of mullet with potatoes, pickled anchovies or sardines, "sulsit" octopus, "brutesca" cuttlefish, "xapada" mackerel or the great variety of rice, such as mantis shrimp rice, “arroz a banda”, "arrossejat" or rice with "espardenyes". The variety of vegetables during summer favour dishes as stuffed eggplant, dumplings, the tomatoe and pepper “coc”, and "caliu" potatoes.



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