Episodes of war

For centuries, Vinaròs has been the target for the Barbary pirates; therefore, as in the rest of the coast of Valencia, the town has watchtowers in order to warn the population in case of danger. One of them is popularly called the "Turret of the Moors", which is now in ruins; another one, the Sòl de Riu tower, is part of a private house near the mouth of the Sénia river. The Church of the Asunción, located in the town hall square, was built with the double purpose of attending religious acts, and also as a fortress. The building maintains its parapet walk, Camino de Ronda, and the bell tower, from where they could control the attacks from the sea. During the sixteenth and seventeenth century, the port of Vinaròs was one of the most important in the Mediterranean, as in 1609, the Muslim population was expelled through the most important ports of the Mediterranean coast of Spain, among whom was Vinaròs.



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