Santa Victoria’s Chapel

This chapel is attached to the church of the former convent of San Telmo, today used as the Municipal Auditorium, and it was built to house the body of St. Victoria, virgin and martyr. Since 1785, Vinaròs has kept the body of the saint, originating from the Roman cemetery of Lucina, and whose body was granted by the Bishop of Solsona, Dr. Lasala. The plans of the chapel are a work of the architect P. Fray Gonell from Vinaròs. The 21th of August of 1788, once the chapel was finished, the body of the saint was put inside the Church together with the venerated images of the Holy Christ of the Hospital and the Nazarene. We should note the reproduction of a ceramic altarpiece of the eighteenth century.



Baroque S.XVIII This chapel is attached to the ...

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