Vinaròs offers countless possibilities for enjoying the sea with its 12 km of coastline, extending from the Sénia river to the ravine of Aiguadoliva, providing Vinaròs with a peculiar characteristic: its twenty-two sheltered coves among the rocks, with its unique landscape, and sandy beaches. All of these beaches have the ISO 14001 environmental certification, guaranteeing its correct maintenance, cleanliness and respect for the environment. The coast is divided into three zones: the north coves, the south coves and the downtown beaches. The largest concentration of tourists is located at the downtown beaches. The beaches of El Fortí and El Fora del Forat are located parallel to the promenade, and El Clot beach lies along the town centre, connecting the port to the Cervol river. All of them are spacious and easily accessible, and they have a large variety of services, sports and leisure activities for all ages.



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