Vinaròs offers a unique and different landscape to other places of the Valencian Community, where coves hidden among the rocks are combined with wide beaches under the intense blue of the sky and the sea. Along with its twelve kilometres of coast, its clear and warm waters are ideal for swimming and diving, as well as for practising other aquatic and adventure sports. Undoubtedly, water activities are the most common in this town opened to the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht club has a sailing and canoeing school, and gives you the information you need to try other sports such as diving and water skiing, and you can also get information about the best places for practising these activities along its twelve kilometres of coast. In addition, if you want to practice fishing, you can throw your rods in one of the coves and cliffs on the north and south coasts. The quality and respect for the environment are the premises of our beaches and coves, supported by ISO 14001 certification awarded by AENOR, guaranteeing an optimal service and the best environmental conditions. The seaside promenade lays along the coast of Vinaròs, connecting the downtown area with the northern and southern coasts of the town. The Ribera promenade on the south coast allows you to enjoy a walk through the small and beautiful coves until you arrive to the ravine of Aiguadoliva.


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