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Bicycle routes

We propose 3 routes according to difficulty:


Route 07 of the Diputación de Castellón

  • Difficulty: expert.
  • Distance: 109 km.
  • Difference in altitude: 1303 m.

This route can be downloaded from the section "Discover Vinaròs - Downloads".

Eurovelo 8

  • Difficulty: low - medium.
  • Distance: approximately 20 km.
  • Gradient: 150 m.

It comes from Ulldecona and enters to Vinaròs y via the Pont del Olivar, and also shares a section of the sports and leisure path in the vicinity of the Hermitage - Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu de la Misericordia.

The route between Ulldecona and Vinaròs is largely on agricultural roads used for orange plantations, so there is no car traffic, these roads are properly asphalted and the terrain is flat. There is also access by train from the Vinaròs railway station.


Bicycle paths

  • Difficulty: low, suitable for families.
  • Distance: approximately 10 km.
  • Gradient: minimum.

Vinaròs has approximately 10 km of cycle paths along the municipal area, from the north coast to the south coast, passing through the promenade located in the centre of Vinaròs.

In the following links you can see the bike lanes and the parking areas