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How to get there

The N-340 road borders the town and can be accessed via any type of ground transportation. The AP-7 motorway also has two detours that get you close to the north of the town (exit 42 - Ulldecona Alcanar) or the south part of town (exit 43 - Peñíscola, Benicarló, Vinaròs). Moreover, Vinaròs has trains and buses that connect the town with major Spanish and European cities. If you prefer to come by sea, our marina and harbour will also welcome you.







  • Vinaròs Train Station.Plaça de l’Estació, s/n. Tel. +34 964 401 512 Tel. +34 902 240 202


Travelling by car

  • AP-7 Highway, exit 42 (Ulldecona - Vinaròs)
  • AP-7 Highway, exit 43 (Peñíscola - Benicarló - Vinaròs)
  • Access from Barcelona and Valencia: N340
  • Access from Zaragoza: N232



                                  * Parada Urbana: C/ San Cristóbal, 24 -

                                  * Parada Renfe: Plaza Polígono 56 -

                                  * Parada Hospital Vinaròs: Av. Gil de Atrocillo s/n -