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Keep the city clean. Look after these beautiful surroundings. Use the litter and recycling bins.


Take responsibility for your dog. Vinaròs is a dog-friendly destination and even has beaches that you can take them on. Pick up after your dog and, if necessary, rinse any urine away from facades and urban fixtures.


If you smoke, don’t throw the butt on the floor. Stub it out and use the bins.


Help us to preserve our cultural heritage and respect urban fixtures.


Our streets are no place for drinking alcohol. There are marvellous terraces all over Vinaròs where you can sit and enjoy a beer, a traditional vermouth (our version of the bicicletta) or gin and tonic in the open air.


You might have a lot to celebrate, but high noise levels are disturbing to local residents. Out of respect, please keep the noise down at home and when out and about.


Use a bike. Vinaròs is totally flat and easy to ride around.


Vinaròs is a safe city, but if you have any problems, the local police are here to help.


We hope you enjoy a trouble-free stay, but if you need it, Vinaròs has an excellent public health system.


A great experience. Vinaròs has a wide range of accommodation and high-quality premises. Choose regulated accommodation for an unforgettable experience.


Support local development. The gastronomy and products here in Vinaròs are of extremely high quality. Help to maintain balanced, sustainable development by consuming local products.


Respect diversity. You’re in a city that encourages diversity and inclusivity. Vinaròs is a city where people of different race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, philosophy and lifestyle live side by side.


Submerge yourself in our culture and our local language – Valencian.


Your rights are important. At our tourist information office we will inform you of your rights as a user of tourism services and products.


Vinaròs complies with the Valencian Tourism Ethics Code, the first autonomous document to be adapted from the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET).



Expressions in our language:

Bon dia…….. Good morning/afternoon.

Gràcies……. Thank you.

Per favor….. Please.

Bon profit…. Enjoy your meal.

Perdó…. Excuse me, sorry.

Com xales!…. Have fun!