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Inclusive tourism

Vinaròs promotes inclusive and accessible tourism that allows anyone, regardless of whether or not they have any sort of physical, sensory, mental, or cognitive disability, to be able to enjoy the products and services that make up the municipality’s tourism offering in a comfortable, safe, and independent manner.

Vinaròs complies with the Valencian Tourism Code of Ethics, the first document in the region to be adapted from the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

 Here are some examples of inclusive Vinaròs tourism opportunities:

Inclusive tourist tour

King prawn: from the sea to the market: This tour invites you to go out into the sea in an adapted boat to experience a morning of fishing with traditional techniques, discovering how the fishing haul reaches the marketplace and is auctioned off to suppliers and to the general public in the Central Market. Plus, you’ll get to know more details about this economic centre in the formerly noble house, and now a museum, Casa Membrillera. 

Accessible beaches: El Fortí beach and El Clot beach, located next to the urban centre, are 100% accessible for persons with reduced mobility. While other coves and beaches in the municipality have ramps or conditions that make them accessible for persons with reduced mobility, these two are the best prepared for users who have some form of disability, allowing them to access the shore with ease and bathe in the sea with complete safety. In addition, the lifesaving and first aid service in the summertime offers specialised care on these beaches.

 Further information: Inclusive Tourism Guide