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A city with a taste of the sea

Delicious cuisine is one of Vinaròs’ greatest assets. Its coastal town tradition and the abundance of locally grown fruits and vegetables provide a wide variety of flavours and aromas with a clear Mediterranean influence. Rice, fish, and seafood dishes are the bases for a culinary offering designed to delight the most discerning palates.

They also prepare a wide variety of traditional sweets, such as sweet potato and angel hair pastissets or llepolstí, king prawn shaped almond teacakes with orange extract.

Without a doubt, however, the Vinaròs king prawn, recognised throughout the world for its unparalleled flavour, texture, and quality, is the star of the municipality’s kitchens. The mild climate that we enjoy year-round and the low salinity of the waters off the Vinaròs coast, enriched by the sediments of the Ebro River, give the prawn its unique properties. The prawns are also fished in a traditional and sustainable manner, using environmentally respectful methods that guarantee the ecological balance of the marine reserves. All that has made it into a high-quality product that is highly valued in Spanish haute cuisine.

However, the traditional dishes that make up the repertoire of Vinaròs cuisine go far beyond the king prawn: fish stews or suquetsllandetes of red mullet with potatoes, anchovies and marinated sardines, octopus sulsit, cuttlefish a la brutesca, mackerel a la xapada, and countless rice dishes, such as mantis shrimp with rice, fisherman’s rice, arrossejat, and rice with espardenyes, or sea cucumbers, are some of the most popular dishes. The variety of vegetables during summer favours dishes such as stuffed eggplant, dumplings, the tomato and pepper cocs, and caliu potatoes.