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Membrillera House

Membrillera House

Renaissance, 18th century

This building is popularly known as the “Casa de los Membrillera” or “Casa de les Coroneles.” This 18th century Renaissance house has a ground floor entrance, a main floor and an attic featuring five windows with a semicircular arch.

Of note is the lintel of the façade dated 1652, as well as the heraldic shield over the entrance door, which belongs to D.J.M. Febrer Calderón (1828-1887), Marquis of Gironella and descendant of the Febrer de la Torre family.

Recently restored, the building is currently the headquarters of Fundació Caixa Vinaròs. Inside the house, we have tried to capture the economic past of the town with permanent exhibitions about agriculture, trade, industry and fishing

C/ Socors, 64 · Tel. +34 964 456 046

Hours: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM / Closed Sunday and Monday