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Giner House

Giner House

Modernist, 20th century

Built in 1914 and located on calle Mayor, this modernist Valencian building has an elegant, exuberant, and colourful façade that makes it one of the best reflections of the bourgeois and liberal idiosyncrasies of the Vinaròs of the first quarter of the 20th century.

The building consists of three floors, including the ground floor, which is used for commercial activities, while the upper floors are intended for residential use. The most arresting element is its bay window in the elliptical corner facing the plaza Parroquial, or parish square, formed by a semicircle with an initially elliptical base capped by a dome roof without a tambour, which has now disappeared.

The bay window, complete with a wood finish, defines the main axis of the building. In fact, underneath it is the main door to the building. Atop this door appear the owner’s initials, held up by two angels, and the owner’s full name appears in a stained glass window in the windowpane. The stucco decoration of the façade, the beautiful floral details of the cast iron balconies, and the cornice that separates the wall from the roof and serves as a starting line for the parapet also stand out.

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