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Santa Victoria’s chapel

Santa Victoria’s chapel

Baroque from the 18th century. This is a chapel attached to the convent of San Telmo, built to house the uncorrupted body of Saint Victoria, virgin and martyr. Since 1785, Vinaròs has had the body of the saint, which came from the Roman cemetery of Lucina and granted by the Bishop of Solsona, Dr Lasala. The plans for the chapel are the work of the Vinaròs friar P. Gonell. On 21 August 1788, with the chapel already finished, the body of the saint and the venerated images of the Holy Christ of the Hospital and the Nazarene were deposited inside. Please note the ceramic products from the 18th century.

The chapel was restored in 2019. As happened in the Church-Fortress of Our Lady of the Assumption, some 18th century trompe l’oeil paintings were found during the restoration works.

In this same restoration, part of the original ceramic pavement made in the 19th century in Onda has been recovered and partially reproduced.


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