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Commercial events

Throughout the year, all kinds of commercial events are held in Vinaròs in order to promote and foster the town’s economic activity. These events are completely open to both the residents of Vinaròs and to tourists and visitors, anyone delighted by the idea of acquiring products of all kinds at irresistible prices. Here are just a few of them:

The Boutiques on the Streets

On two Sundays a year, coinciding with the end of Christmas and summer sales, shops in the Vinaròs old town participate in a unique activity. In Boutiques on the Streets, merchants install stops on the streets in order to sell their fashionable items, footwear, perfume, gifts, accessories, and more at very attractive prices. More establishments join this every year, some even related to the dining or real estate sector.

Street market

The traditional weekly street market, popularly known as dijous, Catalan for “Thursdays”, occurs every Thursday in the Vinaròs promenade. Its numerous stops offer visitors everything they could image, from fruits and veggies to fashion items and shoes, even jewellery, accessories, toys, second-hand items, collectibles, and much more.

Vinaròs Fashion Night

Vinaròs Fashion Night is a well-established event in the city held every year in June. During this event, shops in the historic centre are open at night (until approximately 1:00 AM). Live music and all kinds of activities keep both children and adults alike entertained, not to mention raffles that are held for those who purchase from participating merchants. This original and unique event is designed to invigorate the city’s shopping areas and ensure that Vinaròs residents and visitors alike can spend an enjoyable night shopping with their families.