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Walk through Vinaròs

We highly recommend visiting the historic town centre. The city’s pedestrian streets offer up both beauty and tranquillity. Numerous unique monuments and buildings alternate with a variety of shops and dining establishments along this tour. All of the points of interest are labelled with information panels that make it easy to follow the path.

Along the promenade, there are signposts to guide you along the route. Go for the famous tour around the Church-Fortress of Our Lady of the Assumption, the modernist houses of Casa Giner and Casa Sendra, the Casa Membrillera and Museum, the Central Market, etc. You can consult the tourist map of the town or go into so you won’t forget to visit any point of interest. Audio guides are a free, internet-based service that invite you to take a fun trip lasting approximately 2 hours through the 10 main points of interest in the town. The guide is available in five languages and there are adapted stories for children and adults