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The carnival of Vinaròs has been held in our town since the 14th century. In the 18th century, masked balls became popular like the ones organised in big cities. However, the celebrations were banned during Franco’s dictatorship, as was the case in the rest of Spain, until they were restored by the people in 1983. In 2007 they were declared a festival of interest for tourists in the Valencian Community. Vinaròs considers its carnival to be the liveliest festival of the year. When February comes around, the town devotes itself fully to this festival and it becomes a focal point of fun and imagination. Fantasy, colours, and music flow through the streets for ten days during the variety of events which all finish with the parades. More than thirty troupes parade through the streets of Vinaròs, accompanied by the Carnival King and his entourage.

If you are an early riser, you are bound to come across people busy finishing off pieces they have been working on for months. Feathers, colours, sequins, and a lot of glitter: all features of the costumes that flood the streets during carnival. You cannot miss the festival’s opening ceremony with the Carnival King and his entourage. If you want to experience the carnival like a true Vinaròs native, you must see the parades. The queens of the troupes will cheerfully encourage you to dance along to the beat of the music. With 5,000 troupe members, you will also see a wide variety of costumes and the creativity of our carnival organisers. For the younger family members, we recommend that you take a look at the children’s carnival queen parade, an initiative that brings the carnival closer to the little ones.

For more information, please visit the Official Vinaròs Carnival Website